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Top 5 Weight Loss Resorts of the World

Wellness resorts and spas offers the most luxurious way to cut down on your weight, get complete satisfaction of mind and body and give you the most exuberant feel good sensation. Yes, this mystical maya or relaxation makes one crave for more luxurious way of treating oneself to regain positive energy and cut down some extra pounds. There are thousands of fitness freaks who want to lose weight even while traveling!


The Goddess Garden Eco-Resort in Cahuita in Costa Rica

Located in the island country of Costa rica, this eco-resort serves as one of the most amazing destination for tourists who wants to relax and cut down on their weight. This resort offers a special six days and five nights package where it offers special weight loss programmes like zumba and yoga fitness programmes, special sessions on mash up dancing, posing, stretching and going for tropical adventures. It also provides the best weight loss shakes out there. The part of the course also offers three healthy organic meals a day, visiing nearby beaches, a group hike to Cahuita National Park, a full moon beach bonfire party and more.

Tradional Turkish Hammam at Bosphorous, Turkey

A Hammam is a Turkish bath. It is an ancient bath site ritual that evolved over thousands of years ago. The Hammam experience is one of a kind where the tourists interested to lose weight goes to the warm room to get relaxation from steam bath followed by bathing in sauna. After a full body wash, they have a rejuvinating massage where they get total relaxation and then followed by a period of relaxation in the cool room.

Kalari Kovilakom Resort & Spa in Kerala, India

One of the most exotic weight loss retreat in India is the Kalari Kovilakom Ayurvedic Spa. Nestled in the foothills of the Annamalai range in Kerala, this 19th cenury old exotic spa is known to offer Ayurvedic therapies in its most purest form. This spa offers a 28day regular weight loss program assuring a genuine metabolic change. There is a speedy change in the body with fast fat metabolism rate. Also they offer herb based diet supplements and light non kapha producing foods which releases toxins and cuts down on fats. There is also a rigorous yoga session and massage therapy which leaves the tourists rejuvenated.

Ubud Sari Health Resort, Bali

This exotic resort in Bali offers a 7 days detox cleansing weight loss program by which they provide a naturopathic colon cleanse blending 24 types of herbs to cleanse and detoxify the liver and digestive system. They offer the treatment sessions in the luxury villas maintaining privacy. the Detox facilitator gives expert advice, guides through the entire process and processes the entire cleansing and detoxifying session. For ultimate relaxation there are meditation sessions, yoga, sunrise walks, herbs learning sessions and a complete mind-body and spirit rejuvenation.

The Raw retreat in Cornwall

Lapped in the countryside of Cornwall in UK, this luxury retreat offers some of the best wellness therapies for quick weight loss and stressed minds. Juice fasting, raw food eating and detoxifying of mind and body are some of the luxurious weight losing programmes offered by this reknowned resort. Other treatments include one on one yoga, coastal treks, hydrotherapy, hikes and swimming sessions which keeps the body at its best.
So, what are you waiting for? If you are on the look out for the top luxurious resorts and spas and do not mind in spending large to cut down on your flab pounds in the most luxurious way then hop into one of these retreats for full relaxation and complete satisfaction.